What are CloudCoins?

CloudCoins are our extra special bonus program – every time you make a purchase at VapingMad NZ you earn CloudCoins, which can be redeemed for cash discounts on your next order!

How do I earn CloudCoins?

If you’re new to VapingMad NZ, simply Create a free VapingMad NZ account and you’ll instantly get 300 CloudCoins to kick start your savings!

Once you have a VapingMad NZ account and make a purchase with us, you’ll earn 10 CloudCoins for every $5 spent on products (excludes shipping charges). EG: Buy $50 worth of Eliquid and get 100 CloudCoins credited to your VapingMad NZ account.

What are CloudCoins worth?

Every 100 CloudCoins you earn on products purchased = a $1 bonus credit to use on future purchases. The more you shop with VapingMad NZ, the more CloudCoins you earn!

Where can I see my CloudCoin balance?

You can find your CloudCoin balance in your MY ACCOUNT dashboard. Select the CLOUDCOINS button and BOOM! There’s your available CloudCoin balance.

NB: You’ll need to be logged in to your VapingMad NZ account to use the CloudCoins bonus program. If you don’t have an account yet, you can CREATE ONE FOR FREE and start earning CloudCoins on all purchases.

How do I use my CloudCoins?

Make sure you’re logged into your VapingMad NZ account, add a gaggle of juices to your shopping cart, and then click the “Apply CloudCoins” button on the cart or checkout page.

You’ll then be given the pop-up option to choose how many CloudCoins you’d like to use on your purchase. Enter the amount and you’re good to go!

NB: If you can’t see the pop-up option to choose your CloudCoin quantity, check your browser has pop-ups enabled.

How many CloudCoins can I use in one purchase?

You can redeem your CloudCoins up to half of the value of your order. EG: If you have $10 worth of CloudCoins and your order is over $20, you can use them all! However, if you have $50 worth of CloudCoins and your order is only $50 then you can redeem just $25 worth of CloudCoins for that purchase.

Do my CloudCoins expire?

Like all free offers, bonuses and coupons, CloudCoins are time sensitive. If you don’t use your CloudCoins within 9 months of first earning them, they’ll self destruct and you’ll be left with none. Shop regularly and save!

I received fewer CloudCoins than I anticipated for my order.

CloudCoins are earned on the total value of your purchased products, minus any shipping costs or discounts. For example, if you add $60 worth of products to your cart and use a discount coupon to reduce the cost of goods to $40, you’ll only earn CloudCoins on the $40 you paid for the products. Shipping costs do not earn you CloudCoins.

I added CloudCoins to use on my order, but now the free shipping option has disappeared.

The $75 and $130 free shipping tiers only apply to the total value of your cart after all discounts have been applied. EG: If you added $75 worth of items to your cart and used a discount coupon or CloudCoins to reduce the price to $60, your total would be below the $75 tier and shipping costs would apply. However, if you added $90 worth of items to your cart and used a coupon code or CloudCoins to reduce the price to $75, you would be above the tier and shipping would be free.

What else do I need to know about CloudCoins?  

Your VapingMad NZ CloudCoins are only valid on the VapingMad NZ website.

If you have any questions about CloudCoins that aren’t covered in this FAQ,  CONTACT US and we’ll be happy to help!